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Loyalty & Rewards Product Suite
Company Name : ENHAPP
Based in : Singapore 
Client Partner Name : Spotcheck Global
Based in : Dubai, UAE
Website :

About the Product - 

The digital product was Part 1 of my 8 month Internship with Spotcheck Global post my upskilling in Product Management. 

Part 2 - Gamification.

Part 3 - Rewards for each Module ( Content, Wellness, Professionals, Partners, etc.)

Part 4 - Workflow Reviews, QA support, Product Demos & Training. 

Internship duration - 8 months


Mentor - Mohan Kumar

Importance -

Very High. This is a critical and crucial need for the business.

Business Need –

Create a product feature for Loyalty & Rewards aimed at rewarding engagement with ENHAPP.​

Goals -

Build a product MVP that will

  1. Help business define suitable actions that need to be rewarded.

  2. Help reward partners to be onboarded and suitably engage with Enhapp.

  3. Increase engagement with Enhapp Platform by suitably rewarding end users.

My Role -

Product Intern - Even though my role on paper was that of a 'Product Intern', I was given the opportunity to lead the build of the product, as a 'Quasi' Product Lead, in liaison with UI/UX Designers, Software Development Teams and QA & Testing Teams, under the valuable guidance of my mentor and the leadership at Enhapp.

5 Phases
My 5 Phase Approach

(Click on Icon to view Sample Work in each phase) 
End Nov2020

Phase 1
Market Research

Work Done/Artifacts 

  • Market Research

  • Competitor Research

  • Stakeholder Analysis

  • Personas

  • Customer Journey Maps

Dec 2020

Phase 2
Product Ideation

Work Done/Artifacts 

  • PLC & PRD

  • Mind Maps

  • Product Research

  • Backend User Workflows 

  • Metrics

Jan 2021

Phase 3
MVP Design

Work Done/Artifacts 

  • 26 User Stories

  • 45 Wireframes 

  • 70+ Screens 

  • Dashboard

  • Developer Workshops

Jan/Feb 2021

Phase 4
MVP Dev,
QA, Testing

Work Done/Artifacts 

  • Developer Sessions

  • UI/ UX Workshops

  • Mock Reviews

  • QA Testing

  • Iterations

Feb 2021

Phase 5

Work Done/Artifacts 

  • Usability Testing

  • API integration support

  • Reward partner onboarding support

Phase 1 - Market Research

Sample Persona


Personas -

  • Dave Anderson- End user using the ENHAPP Mobile App was one of the 3 personas created by me.

  • The first step was to understand the business requirements with respect to purchase experience, conversion funnels, customer acquisition & retention, metrics being captured, basically deep dive  and define the current 'As-Is'  and 'Would-Be' States.

  • Next, I spent time to do a complete market research to understand current products, major players, competitors, best practices, etc. 

  • All the existing and 'Would-be' stakeholders were identified and conversations completed with them.

  • Several themes started arising in terms of identifying the key touchpoints for the product.

  • At this stage, the most common type of User personas that would interact with the application were identified, and personas were defined for the same.​

  • Based on the interviews/workshop I set up three personas, and referred to them throughout the entire product development process.

Phase 1

Sample Customer Journey Map


Customer Journey Maps - 

  • I mapped out the users’ steps to see how I could simplify their journey to help them reach their most important goals with the product.

  • I then created the user journey maps for all the 3 personas that were defined by me, to get a clear understanding of the pain points, motivations of each user, operational roadblocks, touchpoints - all this with a view to provide the 'best- in-class' user experience.

  • Many ideas emerged to improve the user experience in certain steps, which tremendously helped in designing a relevant and user friendly product. 

Phase 2

Phase 2 - Product Ideation

Sample Mind Map

mind map sample2.PNG

Mind Maps - 

  • I mapped out all the stakeholders to understand how each one of them would interact with the product, what functionalities' would be required based on these interactions, and at what touchpoints would they engage with the product. 

  • I ideated the feature list for each user journey.

  • Post stakeholder workshops and sessions, I was able to finalize key interactions and functionalities' that would be required in the MVP. Along with this, we also finalized the Key measurement metrics that would be critical to measure the success of the product following the AARRR framework.

  • Next step was to align the business, engineering and design teams around the MVP before kicking off the design phase.

  • Since the timelines were extremely short, this exercise helped tremendously in designing the overall product functionalities.

Phase 3 - MVP Design

Product Roadmap 

MVP design timelines1.PNG

Iterative sample only

Product Roadmap - 

  • Preparing and maintaining the Product & Features Roadmap entailed thinking about the entire Product suite from grounds up and listing down all the possible features and screens that would be required for the end to end product. This came to whopping 150 screens.

  • Next was the phenomenal task of identifying which of these should go into the MVP. Prioritizing the same using the MOSCOW method, the final number of screens that needed to be built were around 70+ screens.

  • Defining the reward configuration was an intense exercise requiring multiple permutations and combinations. The idea was to establish the rewarding system, the different cards a user can hold, the criteria for awarding points and many other such details to accurately define what/how  actions of the user should be rewarded.

  • I wanted to give the business operations a product that would be able to handle multiple scenarios and use cases. Basically a sustainable and well oiled digital product, that would require the minimum amount of clicks.

  • I got down to the task of defining the timelines and then started with the writing of the detailed user stories.

Phase 3

User Stories

User story sample 1.PNG
user story sample1.PNG

User Stories - 

  • Writing the user stories was the most exciting part, though  a tad bit challenging; as this was the first time I was writing user stories on a live project with extremely short timelines. 

  • My aim was to get the product MVP out in collaboration with UX+ Developer team in 2 Sprints !!(Extremely ambitious, given that this was a startup and my first live project!)

  • After messing up the first couple of User stories, in terms of missing out some basic validations like "pagination" and "download to excel" I quickly got a hang of it, and dished out 26 detailed user stories covering the entire MVP within a months time.

  • Since the timelines were short, the build for some of the screens like 'Dashboard', 'Metrics tracking', 'Earning rules' was pushed to the second stage, based on leadership decision. 

  • Next step was to upload the detailed user stories in Jira in a phased manner depending on the availability of the developers and get the approval to start the Sprints!!

user story sample.PNG
Phase 4

Phase 4 - MVP Development & 
QA Testing

Sample Wireframes

My Rewards wireframe1.PNG
Reward List wireframe.PNG
work sent1.PNG

Wireframes -  

  • At the beginning of my MVP design stage, I usually start the design process with low fidelity wireframes. This is the way I iterate through many design options quickly.

  • This is extremely useful as it helps give an idea of the functionalities that are 'Must Have' for the product, as well as where those functionalities need to be placed in the final product.

  • After discussions with business, I finally get down to building slightly more 'Close to the Final product' high fidelity wireframes.

  • Since this was an extremely critical business requirement, having multiple stakeholders and touchpoints, I created 45 + wireframes with 70 + Screens for the MVP.

  • By rapidly prototyping user journeys, I helped designers in detailing user centric designs. I built low + high fidelity wireframes and prototypes using Whimsical and

  • Each wireframe had  iterations ranging from Zero to maximum of 8. One of the complex mocks had 11 iterations. This was the rewards storefront and I wanted to ensure that every single dot and line is placed accurately and the final end user store has a great look and feel to it.

Phase 5 - MVP Release

Sample Mocks & Final MVP 

my rewards final mocks.PNG
mocks_LI (4).jpg

QA Testing & Product Release - 

  • Before launching the final MVP, I supported the QA and Testing team to conduct a thorough usability test and identify possible usability problems.

  • The main aim was to find out any user flow issues, any steps that have been missed, any development issues, and functionality of each and every field in the Screen, testing of every single acceptance criteria and validations.

  • Both functional and Non functional aspects were tested. Multiple user scenarios were created for integration and system testing, usability testing, validations and acceptance criteria testing. This was done by Remote Testing on the QA server. 

  • The testing revealed some areas where the development team had to rework, some acceptance criteria that I needed to make more specific and explain to the developers, certain validations that I needed to reword to make them more precise, and some that I had missed out, needed to be added.

  • Overall great learning and a few iterations later, the final mocks were ready and looked very satisfactory. 

  • Post this, I was involved in supporting the API Integration with our beta Reward Partner, post which we were ready for the MVP product,  capable to be released to our B2B customers after a few refinements, thanks to the excellent work by the developers, UI/UX and QA teams.

  • Currently, other aspects of the platform like Content Management, Wellness Programs etc  are being refined, before the final product release (Release Originally planned for Q2 2021).  

Phase 5
Business Meeting

Mohan Kumar.
QA + Product Lead.
Direct Manager.
Spotcheck Global.

Raunaq is wonderful to work with. He is dedicated, self-motivated and very capable. Very positive attitude towards work. I would say his strengths are communication, deeper insights, very optimistic to the situation and his ideas.

Shaking Hands

Dr Manoj Menon.
Spotcheck Global.

Business Partners at Work

Aparna Balakrishna. 
Internal stakeholder. 
Representing business operations.

We were trying to get the rewards up and running for long. You have been able to crack it. Awesome! Eagerly awaiting the release.

Outdoors Meeting

Sreeja Pillai. 
Internal stakeholder.
Customer Experience Manager.

Loved what has been built.

Very excited with the Product. Looking forward  to talk to our customers once it is released.

Appreciation along the way!!

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