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My Top Five Healthcare Tech Gadgets:

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Healthcare Innovation is reaching new heights, and the current pandemic has fast forwarded innovation in this sector, to the next level. I am always keen to check what’s happening in this sector.  

Here’s a list of my favorites' in Healthcare Tech (some of them showcased at CES 2020) – everyday gadgets that use AI, IOT and other latest Technology to keep track of your health in innovative ways. Waiting for some of them to hit the shelf and hopefully be affordable as well.   1.Smart Toothbrush – Checks the plaque on your teeth and lets you know as well. "White" light means teeth are clean, "Blue" means you need to keep brushing.  2.Smart Swimming Goggles – Measures your swimming metrics (didn’t know we had that!) and lets you know as you swim... I really need to try this sometime; it would be awesome to know how many laps I am doing, how aligned my swimming technique is, and all that!  3.Smart Skipping Rope – Well again, the one that measures and lets you know. Your skipping tally is displayed heads up. Looks like the management concept of “What gets measured, gets done!” is being taken literally to every aspect of life.   4.Connected Cutlery - Whoever thought of cutlery measuring the speed of eating? Well, that’s what this does. “White” light if you eat right, slow and steady. “Red” if you are guzzling up your food!! It would be interesting if this could also tell me the freshness of the food on my plate. Anyone listening?  5.Health Kiosk - Last but not the least - “The ENHAPP Health Kiosk” - check this out at my company website. @enhapp, @spotcheck

A few more that caught my eye recently:

6.Gluten Sensor - Nima gluten sensor is capable of testing both liquids and solids, as well as any other kind of edible substance that is suspected to contain gluten. Food sample is placed inside a disposable capsule, after which Nima performs an antibody-based test, similar to the one that is done in a lab.

7.Clean Surfaces - Verilux Clean wave Wand uses UV-C light to eliminate 99,9% of all viruses, bacteria, and mold found on hard surfaces in turn protecting from dangerous pathogens such as MRSA, H1N1, and E-coli. Like a magic wand, turn it on, hold it for 30 to 60 seconds over the surface area, and voila!! Clean & safe!!

8.Smart Cushion - Darma Pro cushion is made out of ventilated leather, and sends a notification to your phone whenever your posture is not good, and it will also send a vibration reminding you of that. Also gives you complete stats on your posture as well.

9.Percusive device - Theragun stimulates muscles 60% deeper than a regular devices. Looking for the perfect relaxation after a workout. Try this!

10.Laserband - nourishes hair follicles on the scalp to stimulate growth, with its laser light energy creating a therapeutic, rejuvenating effect to naturally thicken and strengthen hair.

What are your favorites? #productmanagement #productdesign #healthandfitness #healthcareinnovation #wearables #wearabletech #healthcareindustry #healthanalytics

#healthandwellness #healthcareprofessionals

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